Speaking Opportunities - LGBTQ Week

If you are interested in presenting at our conference, please let us know.

Talks will be presented in both stand-alone and panel format. There are no breakout sessions. All speakers will be on the main stage.

The audience is a wide mix of small businesses and corporate marketing staff looking to learn more about outreaching to the LGBTQ community. They are looking for specific tips on how to improve their LGBTQ marketing strategies. We are looking for talks that provide practical advice or case study examples. That said, talks must be broadly applicable to meet the needs of the audience. Sometimes a case study can be so specific to an industry, it is hard for most audience members to relate to the topic.

If you are interested in speaking, please pitch us a specking topic in the following format.

  1. Company, Name, Title
  2. Contact email and telephone number
  3. Proposed title of the talk
  4. The three major talking points or practical marketing advice that participants will receive through your presentation.

If you represent a marketing company, jointly presenting with your corporate client is encouraged.

To submit your proposed speaking presentation, please Contact Us Here.